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Yahoo and the setback on the new World.

The paradigm has changed and we live in a new world: an admirable new World. It is not a cliché, it's pure reality.
The modern economy does not  feel sorry for unnecessary spending and companies search daily for solutions which makes them more productive and happy. Yes, because companies are the people, and if people are more happy, companies will be more happy... in other words more rentable, will all the good things it may bring, namely job creation and work conditions improvement.

Last week, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's CEO sent a communication to all workers, informing the company had decided to end the telework policy, arguing it was fundamental for people to share the same space. 
The Memo refered, among other things: "We need to be one Yahoo, and that starts with physically being together."

Yahoo is a technology company, right? Technology allows remote access to the office through collaborative platforms, right?
Time will tell if this was the best option, but history tell us that fundamentalism on the defense of a sole ideal work model, has not given good results. 

It seems, this 37 year old executive constructed a small clinic close to Yahoo headquarters, in Silicon Valley, to be closer to her baby, when it was born. This happened short after  taking over the company's fate: at the time she was with a five months pregnancy and was strongly criticized for having used only two weeks of her maternity leave. 

This time she is giving again a bad example, at a time where her workaholics pairs of Silicon Valley bet on flexible work models , allowing workers to choose freely the place where they develop their tasks, being naturally monitored according to the objectives management criteria. Many of them change between their home, the office and coworking spaces, where they can contact with professionals of other areas, escape daily routine and be more productive.

The paradigm has changed, but there still are companies searching to invert the normal flow of the river.

Carlos Goncalves
Avila Coworking