7. Pantry - Etiquette and Good Practices

7.01 – If you bring your own meal utensils with you, we will avoid agglomerations in the coffee room. At the end of the day, please take them with you.(5)

7.02 –  If you don’t have your own cutlery, they are in individual sachets  at your disposal. And, as soon as you finish your meal wash them immediately. (4)

7.03 – The recycling routine will be carried out regularly. The garbage bag should be closed and placed in the respective container. (10)

7.04 – There is a dispenser of alcohol-based hand solution to clean your hands whenever you use the coffee room. (1)

7.05 – For our own safety, all the surfaces will be sanitized frequently. (6)

7.06 – We have our Bio Pasta Spoon and we suggest that you use it as an alternative to the coffee spoon. This way, you won't have to use another spoon and we save water. (11)

This Manual is meant to be a Guide of Good Practices based on  the recommendations from the following sources: 

(1) DGS – Direção Geral de Saúde


(5) Cushman & Wakefield

(6) Diversey, Inc.

Avila Spaces

(11) Work Bar