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5 Reasons to work in Avenidas Novas

Built in the late 19th century, Avenidas Novas is now the largest Business District in Lisbon and a strategic location for freelancers, SME and large corporations alike. Its cosmopolitan and modern environment is the Lisbon's epitome as a capital with strong business dynamics, leveling ranks with the main avenues of Barcelona, Paris or Berlin.
Here are the 5 reasons that professionals and enterprises choose Avenidas Novas their preferred place to work:

1. Centrality and close to the subway 

Avenidas Novas is one of the main Business Districts of Lisbon. Efficient public transportation, including train and subway stations from Campo Grande, Avenida da República and Saldanha, make this urban axis very central with easy access for thousands of people who work here every day. This is also an advantage for companies who wish to remain close to their customer base and avoid peripheral areas, where employees have poor accessibility and spend too much time commuting.

2. Green spaces, terraces and leisure areas

The recent facelift transformed Avenidas Novas into an even more charming area. With low pollution levels, this is now one of Lisbon’s greenest areas. Arco do Cego and Campo Pequeno gardens are just two examples of spaces that convey life and dynamism. Places like Culturgest and the Gulbenkian Foundation, with their terraces and leisure areas, are perfect for residents and professionals to arrange meetings or visit an exhibition at lunchtime, away from the typical urban fuss.

3. Bicycle lanes, parking areas and accessibility for people with reduced mobility

Lisbon’s best bicycle lanes pass here! From Campo Grande to Avenida da República and Duque de Ávila, they are ideal for daily commuting or short relaxing walks. If you need to commute by car, you can enjoy several vast parking areas in places such as Arco do Cego, Saldanha or Casal Ribeiro. The wide sidewalks of Avenida da República and Saldanha have given back this part of the city to pedestrians, particularly those with reduced mobility, who now have less difficulty commuting to work.

4. Nearby Services

Known as commercial and services area, Avenidas Novas offers several services to companies and professionals. From the main banks, post offices, supermarkets, renowned coffee shops such as Versailles or Galeto, to shopping centers such as Atrium Saldanha and Monumental, this Lisbon area offers the best options for the modern professional to reconcile personal and professional life.

5. Traditions and Community

Far from the noisy ‘tuk-tuks’, featureless and impersonal areas, in Avenidas Novas you will feel like you are in your own neighborhood. Old refurbished palaces followed the growth of this area, and those who walk along these avenues find a traditional and active commercial life, which brings residents and professionals closer, giving this area even more personality.
People are moving back and cars are staying out. It has undoubtedly become the best place to work in Lisbon. An area with unique energy which combines history, modernity and an excellent quality of life.

Carlos Gonçalves
CEO Avila Spaces