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Avila Spaces transcends the traditional concept of work by creating the best coworking experience that is second to none: make our costumers feel at home.

Here you will find not only coworking spaces, rental offices, meeting and training rooms, but also an innovative team, committed to providing you with quality and tailor-made turnkey services. Our pioneering app - Avila Connect - ,  and our personalized front desk service, allows you to stay in constant touch in real-time and at all times.

We are the most awarded business centre in Portugal. Led by Carlos Goncalves, Portugal’s ambassador of Great Place to Work, Avila Spaces has a global reputation as the best coworking space to work, enjoy, relax.

Winner of Lisbon's Best Coworking in 2018 & 2019!

See why Avila is a great place to work for corporations and remote workers in the heart of Lisbon.

rent office spaces in Lisbon
Feel at home in our modern offices. Avila Spaces provides quality workspaces with exquisite decor and state-of-the-art technology to support your business. We can customise a wide range of services for you, all within the heart of Lisbon.
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Virtual Offices
Our virtual office is the perfect, cost-efficient solution for freelancers who work from home and remote working professionals. Establish your business in Lisbon’s most prestigious address and set up our services within 24 hours, tailored to your needs.
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Join Lisbon's best cowork, ideal for growing businesses. Our coworking Business Lounge is buzzing with locally-based freelancers and international corporations. Come and enjoy this special space, ergonomically fitted for comfort and productivity.
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Meeting Rooms
We have premium meeting rooms in the centre of Lisbon. Each room is fully equipped with LCD TVs, Apple TV, Chrome Cast and all other technology necessary for business meetings or training sessions.
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Looking for a business centre with international reach? Currently, Avila Spaces has more than 500 national and international clients. Gain access to coworking spaces in over 300 countries via our eOffice International Network.
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Support for startups
Avila Spaces has a huge partner network to support our clients who are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Get help with fiscal services, trademarking, web design, cloud-hosted IT, and more.
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Avila Connect empowers you with the freedom and productivity to drive your business to the next level. Access our international partner network and book meeting rooms in 300 different cities.
Leaders in innovation. The most complete solution of the market.
Whether you are a liberal professional or a company, Avila Spaces offers you the most complete Virtual Office solution in the market 100% free. It is the first worldwide Virtual Offices application oriented exclusively for PC/Mac, iPad and smartphones (iPhone, Android devices and Blackberry).
Our exclusive application allows you to get real time notifications regarding telephone contacts, correspondence , fax arrival and book meeting rooms too. In fact, your company starts having access to the office, not only on the PC/Mac/iPad, but also on the mobile phone, wherever you are!

Another advantage is the possibility to have information about other Business Centers that are part of an international Network with around 300 partners, being very useful in internationalization project or the projects development abroad - through this mean you may, for example, open virtual offices in other countries and book meeting rooms.

The world's first virtual office app!

Avila Connect empowers you with the freedom and productivity to drive your business to the next level. You can also access our international partner network and book meeting rooms in 300 different cities.

The Avila Connect app delivers real-time notifications of all types of incoming correspondence exclusively for our clients. Always stay connected to your business wherever you are.


Travelling abroad for work? Use Avila Connect to open virtual offices or coworking spaces in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Start networking internationally and expand your business!

Avila Spaces offers you:

  • Prime location on Avenida da Republica, central Lisbon
  • Ergonomically furnished office spaces and meeting rooms
  • A stylish, peaceful coworking Business Lounge
  • 24-hour virtual office access via myOffice app
  • Personalised telephone answering service 24/7
  • State of the art technology
  • Professional reception and secretarial service
  • Free networking events and workshops
avila connect

Avila Connect

Avila Connect is a digital platform that enables you to create synergies between members of the Avila Spaces Community.
The Kiosk is a 22 inch touch screen with a mosaic interface where pictures of all coworking members appear.
From here you can view the profile and contact the subscribers of this space to boost the business of your company.

Avila Community

Avila Spaces has a dynamic and enthusiastic community where networking is encouraged and experience sharing is constant.
This is a unique ecosystem, characterized by the diversity of events such as Workshops, Breakfasts, Happy Hour on Fridays and even the Avila Runners team.

We are the most awarded workspace in Portugal

Best Coworking Space Southern Europe
2019: 1st Place - Best Coworking Space Southern Europe
Best Coworking Space
2019: 1st Place - Best Coworking Space
Best Coworking Space
2018: 1st Place - Best Coworking Space
Yunit Consulting & SIC Notícias award Avila Spaces coworking
2017: Winner - Heróis PME Award
Avila Spaces cowork winner Call Centre Trophy Award
2014: 1st Place - Call Center Trophy Award
Avila Spaces cowork IDC technology award Portugal
2012: Prize CIO Annual Awards

Need a coworking space in Lisbon? See why Avila Spaces is a great place to work

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Our clients speak for us!

Avila Spaces has supported hundreds of companies to grow and scale their businesses. See why they vote on us as the happiest coworking, most creative office space and best virtual office in Lisbon.

AVILA Advisory Board

Pier Paolo Mucelli
Pier Paolo Mucelli
eOffice CEO, Avila's exclusive partner and hosted in London. Entrepreneur and visionary, created the first coworking space in the United Kingdom.
Goran Garberg
Goran Garberg
United Spaces CEO, hosted in Stockholm (Sweden): 1st Business Center with a coworking space created in Europe and one of the first in the world.
Koen Batsleer
Koen Batsleer
CEO (Belgium), 1st Business Center and coworking space in the world based on the crowdfunding model and because of that is considered an international case study.
Ray Lindenberg
Ray Lindenberg
President of the Workspace Association of New York (USA), is one of the most respected personalities in the industry of work spaces in the world.