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A professional team at your company's disposal.

Here you'll find modern meeting and training rooms, as well as auditoriums for events of up to 100 people. The rooms vary in size and are equipped with the latest technology: screens, professional video conferencing systems, and secure Wi-Fi. 

Our offer is designed to adapt to your needs, and rooms can be rented by the hour or by the day, including coffee-break service, lunch, or tailor-made catering.

All three locations have a metro station on the doorstep and a public car park in the building itself.

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meeting room in lisbon

Meet with your clients as if you were in your own office

Your customers and employees will always be well received.
We provide a personalized service and offer a modern meeting room equipped with the latest technologies, including digital signage at the entrance, with your company logo.
In addition to the coffee break service, our staff can serve small meals, providing a unique work experience in the center of Lisbon.
meeting rooms in lisbon

Meeting Rooms with free Video Conferencing

Our rooms are perfect for meetings, workshops and training. If you need to organize a Zoom, Teams or Skype session, you can use our  LOGITECH Room Experience and JABRA PanaCast videoconference systems that we make available to you free of charge. Just bring your laptop, connect a USB cable and enjoy a professional videoconferencing experience in complete comfort.

meeting room in Lisbon

The solution for your hybrid model

Our meeting rooms can be used in a "Satellite Office" logic by companies with a common need: to solve the problem of isolation associated with the "home office", providing work teams with an environment conducive to focus, to the balance between life personal and professional development and the reinforcement of the team spirit and corporate culture.

In Saldanha and Parque das Nações, with public parking and metro at the door

Located in the heart of Lisbon, we have public and private parking and a metro close to the building's entrance.
Private parking has direct access to our facilities via an elevator:
Daily rate (8am/8pm) - 18,00€
1st and 2nd 15 minutes - 0,50€ / 3rd 15 minutes - 0,30€ / 4th 15 minutes - 0,20€
Next hours - same rates as the first hour.

Community - What drives us

More than a coworking space and offices, we represent a paradigm shift in the way we perceive work, collaboration and innovation, in a combination of design excellence and a commitment to promoting Community. We are the most awarded workspace in the country with a focus on stimulating creativity and supporting the growth of small and large companies.



Parque das Nações Building
Parque das Nações Building
Room P.0.03
Room P.0.03
Room P.0.04
Room P.0.04
Room P.0.05 (Auditorium)
Room P.0.05 (Auditorium)
Room P.5.02
Room P.5.02
Room P.5.03
Room P.5.03
Room P.5.04
Room P.5.04
Room P.5.05
Room P.5.05
Atrium Saldanha
Atrium Saldanha
Green Room-Atrium Saldanha (A.2.01)
sala de reunião avila spaces
Orange Room-Atrium Saldanha (A.2.02)
meeting room in lisbon
Glass Room-Atrium Saldanha (A.2.03)
meeting room atrium saldanha
Glass Room-Atrium Saldanha (A.2.03)
meeting room atrium saldanha
Coral Room-Atrium Saldanha (A.3.01)
meeting room cowork lisboa
Auditorium-Atrium Saldanha (A.2.05)
Auditorium Atrium Saldanha
Cube Room 1 - Atrium Saldanha (A.2.06)
Meeting Room at Saldanha
Cube Room 2 -Atrium Saldanha (A.2.07)
meeting room atrium saldanha
Cube Room 3 - Atrium Saldanha (A.2.08)
Meeting room in Saldanha, Lisbon
Av. República
Av. República
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.1.01)
Meeting Room Avila Spaces
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.1.01)
Sala de reunião Avila Spaces
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.1.02)
Meeting room avila spaces
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.1.03)
meeting room lisbon av republica
Meeting Room-Av. República (R.1.04)
meeting room Av. Republica
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.1.05)
detail in the meeting room
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.7.01)
Meeting Room - Av. República (R.7.01)
Phone Booth
Phone Booth in AVILA SPACES

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Av. da República, nº6, 1º Esq.
1050-191 Lisbon
GPS: 38.734879218136726, -9.144714261926936


Av. D. João II Lote, Piso 0
1990-096 Lisboa
GPS: 38.77162,-9.09730


Edificio Atrium Saldanha Praça Duque de Saldanha nº 1, 2º andar
1050-094 Lisboa
GPS: 38.73320933597372, -9.14480885387858


1 – What is the capacity of Avila Spaces meeting rooms?
In the Avila spaces we have meeting rooms of various capacities and dimensions between 4 and 20 people, all equipped with the latest technology. We also have availability for events, in the Atrium Saldanha space, our Auditorium with capacity for about 35 people, as well as the Business Lounge with capacity for up to 40 people.

2 – Are the meeting rooms equipped with a videoconferencing system?
Our rooms are perfect for meetings, workshops and training. 
If you need to organise a session via Zoom, Teams or Skype, with your geographically dispersed team, you can use our LOGITECH / JABRA video conferencing system that we make available to you free of charge. Just bring your laptop, connect a usb cable and enjoy a professional video conferencing experience in comfort.

3 – How much does it cost to rent a meeting room at Avila Spaces?
Our offer of meeting rooms is designed to adapt to your needs, with rentals by the hour or by the day from 29€/hour + VAT.
Come and discover a space of choice with the best meeting and training rooms in Lisbon.
4 – Do the meeting rooms have catering services?
The meeting rooms at Avila Spaces have coffee, tea and water at your disposal.
In addition, we have our coffee-break service that you can request when booking the room, as well as a catering service in which our team can serve small finger food style meals, providing a unique work experience in the centre of Lisbon.

5 – Can I book one of your spaces for an event?
All our spaces have the possibility of booking the Business Lounge, Auditorium (Atrium Saldanha), patio (Avenida de República) and/or meeting rooms for corporate events, company parties, presentations and/or product launches, etc., according to availability and upon quotation.