FLEX OFFICE - A new hybrid model

The Flex Office is your new 3rd space. A hybrid work model that responds to the needs of companies in the context of a pandemic.

An alternative to the Office and the HomeOffice

Flex Office is a service that consists in the use of shared workspaces, and which makes available to companies: working spaces at a cowork or at a business lounge environment; private offices and meeting rooms.
Flex Office can be used by companies from different branches of activity, in a logic of "Satellite Office", and who have a common need: these companies seek to solve the problem of isolation associated with the "homeoffice", with all the negative consequences , for employees and companies, from the point of view of motivation, productivity, management of remote work teams, onboarding processes and corporate culture.

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A Premium Cowork as "Satellite Office"

Individual desks may be used exclusively or shared with other companies. The space lease contracts are flexible and can be terminated at least 30 days in advance, and you can also choose to purchase prepaid packages of 10 days, with no time limit for use. Although there is a sharing spaces policy, Cowork offers privacy conditions for professionals who wish to work from these spaces, from an individual or team perspective.

One model: 2 types of use

Addressed to professionals who are unable to work from home or who need to be surrounded by people and have a regular "home-work" routine to stay focused and to be productive. Addressed to teams that are essential to complement the work developed remotely with face-to-face sessions, having the opportunity to exchange ideas, reinforcing the spirit of collaboration and creativity. This model is useful in employee onboarding, coaching and mentoring processes, where face-to-face work is more effective than remote work.

Corporate Coworking: Choose a plan

Featured Plan: 10 Days Pack

This prepaid Cowork plan, includes 10 days of access to Cowork, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Friday, giving you total freedom and offering integration into a dynamic and inspiring community. This service does not require loyalty, allowing you to manage it, without any time limitation.

15€ Day + VAT                150€ 10 Days + VAT

If you don't know which plan is best for you, contact us, we will help you!

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Work Safe: You are safe here

Because everyone's safety comes first, we created the WORK SAFE project, which aims to implement 7 measures based on international good practices regarding the protection of people in workspaces. 
We are sure that you will continue to enjoy a peaceful, inspiring and now more secure space.
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The Most Awarded Space in Portugal

Avila Spaces was nominated the "Best Cowork in Southern Europe" by the South Europe Startup Awards in 2019. This leadership in the workspace sector is based on service excellence, the corporate culture that encourages innovation and the resources available to growing startups. One of the differentiating factors is the opportunity to join the community, where networking is encouraged and the exchange of experiences is a constant. This is a unique ecosystem with constant Workshops, Happy Hours and Avila Runners.

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Private Office
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Business Lounge
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Private Office
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cowork in lisbon
Meeting Room with videoconference system
Meeting Room with videoconference system
Phonebooths in cowork in Lisbon
cowork in lisbon
Meeting Room
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Zoom Room
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Business Lounge
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Business Lounge
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Yoga and Meditation Studio in Lisbon
Team Work Safe
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