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Avila Coworking in the Top 5 of “The World’s Coolest Office” contest of Inc. Magazine

The Avila Coworking, placed its workspace on a very honorable 5th place of the competition “The World’s Coolest Office”, promoted by the prestigious American magazine Inc.

The poll contemplated 144 offices all over the world. The candidacies were subjected to online poll during the past months and the winners were now known. With its workspace, Avila Coworking  was highlighted on a fifth place and brought to the Portuguese capital a distinction only at reach of the more innovative and comfortable spaces to work.

The results are published in Inc. Facebook page which link is the following: http://www.facebook.com/Inc/app_207648926006532

Located at Av. República, in Lisbon, the space materializes the innovative coworking concept, clearly turned to the needs of professionals and of small, medium and large dimension companies of the 21st century, for whom the value of the corporate image and the offer of flexible solutions with a balanced cost-benefit relation are elements of extreme importance.

Specially conceived to the modern professional, who looks necessarily not only for a prestige address with good accessibilities to put on the visit card, but also for a comfortable and adequate workspace to receive their clients and business partners, the Avila Coworking is a place at the forefront capable to provide a wide and quiet space, where several companies and professionals can work in one or more workstations, and giving all support in terms of professional secretariat, meeting and work rooms.

Being on a modern offices building with reception, at the Avila Coworking one breathes a corporate environment and, at the same time, informal. This way, both small companies, executives and freelancers can profit from all the advantages associated with the occupation of the same space, sharing contacts and establishing synergies. However, and on its 20 workstations, the Avila Coworking values not only the privacy, but also the comfort of each company and of each professional. The desks and chairs are modern, comfortable and ergonomic and the surrounding space stimulates creativity and well-being, critical elements to higher satisfaction and productivity levels. Among other examples, at the users disposal there is a kitchen for meals, a locker with security and a lounge area for relax moments and coffee breaks.

Not less important, the state of the art technology is present in all the space extension, being at the client's disposal the wireless internet, IP telephones, plasma screens and Apple TV in the meeting rooms for presentation's streaming directly from smartphones and Apple tablets. 

Optionally, the new and innovative Avila Coworking also offers the access to the most complete virtual office service of the market, being at the clients disposal a secretary who may, in the name of the company, answer telephone calls, forward them, receive correspondence and report all subjects, through both the myOffice app and by email. This way, and independently of where the client is, he will always be in contact with its office.

Besides, the service can be complemented with networking actions and workshops made through the Avila Corporate Club. These actions have as an objective to provide the clients a space to spread out their business, and to promote contacts exchange, which represents, without a shadow of a doubt, a huge added value for companies which are, for example, starting up their activity.

And because flexibility is also the word of order at the Avila Coworking, there are four types of packages at the clients' disposal – Nomad, Basic, Corporate and Free Pass. The first two aim to more basic needs, instead the latter two constitute a more complete offer. 

Several solutions in only one place, premium virtual office, state of the art technology and a partners platform: this is how the Avila Coworking is defined, a Hybrid Business Center of election.

After knowing the result of this year's poll Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of the company, doesn't hide his pride. «A fifth place on a competition of this kind and with the names which can be found on the list of competitors is an accomplishment at the reach of not all companies. We are very pleased with the position obtained, fruit of the high levels of satisfaction of our clients and of a perfect application of the coworking concept in Portugal.” Carlos Gonçalves explains that since it was launched, at the end of the first semester of the present year, «the coworking space has already received 55 professionals and companies wanting to benefit from this concept and take the most advantages of the conditions offered, on a punctual bases or more permanently».