Avila Spaces and Unoffice promote remote work in Azores.

Avila Spaces and Unoffice promote remote work in Azores.

Remote work and leisure. Avila Spaces continues the practical application of its mantra Work. Relax. Enjoy the reinforcement of the protocol with the Azorean coworking from Ponta Delgada: unOffice, a partnership that started in 2015.

With the strengthening of this partnership, a new concept is inaugurated: from now on, Avila and unOffice customers will have access to an integrated offer of remote work and leisure services in the Azores and Lisbon, free of charge, since there is no cost for those who already have a subscription in the two coworking spaces. The focus on the quality of life is one of the major objectives of this new partnership.

«In a context of profound changes in the labor market and in the coworking business model, this protocol will allow, among other aspects, to expand the offer of services to remote workers, with the Azores as one of the exceptional destinations for leisure activities », Explains Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Spaces.

«This is the moment of affirmation of the Azores as a destination of excellence for remote workers. UnOffice is very committed to strengthening its service offer for this target audience, in partnership with Avila Spaces, in Lisbon, at a decisive time for the reorganization of our coworking business model », says Mónica Kaselyte, CEO of unOffice.

The choice of the Azores and Ponta Delgada to launch this new concept of Avila Spaces has to do with two major advantages: the quality of the accommodation offer that is part of the integration of services that is proposed to the remote worker and the lack of massification of the center's urban areas, which, in this pandemic period, is reflected in a low risk of infection, since the situation is controlled in the Azores. Added to this is the excellent broadband Internet coverage in the archipelago, which allows customers to not only be able to work in the unOffice coworking space, but also in several other decentralized locations.

«We cannot ignore the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated remote work and coworking spaces have to join forces to respond to the needs of professionals who work at a distance. More than ever, these remote workers want to be integrated into a community where they can not only network, exchange experiences, enjoy comfortable and technologically evolved spaces, but also have access to a range of leisure activities in the region in which they are working. - it is the full realization of our Work.Relax.Enjoy slogan, combined with the motto Work Safe that we adopted in 2020 », says Carlos Gonçalves.

The most recent report The 2021 State of Remote Work *, by the digital marketing consultant Buffer, shows that the trend of remote work, which was already being felt in the pre-pandemic period, has accentuated in recent months.

Respondents' intentions are very clear: 97.6% say they want to work remotely, at least for some time, until the end of their career. Regarding the benefits of this concept of work that does not require a fixed physical space, 32% say that the main advantage is not having flexible hours, and 25% points to the fact that they can work from anywhere, which is precisely one of the characteristics promoted with the strengthening of the partnership between Avila Spaces and unOffice.

* The complete study can be found at buffer.com/2021-state-of-remote-work.


UnOffice opened its doors in 2015 and was the first coworking in the Azores. It is the most awarded workspace in the archipelago, has been a regional winner of the ‘Coworker Members’ Choice Awards ’in 2018 and 20219, and distinguished as‘ Coworking Space of The Year 2015 ’by Portugal Startups. At this time, unOffice has a community of more than forty companies, both regional and national, from different sectors of activity, in addition to receiving throughout the year hundreds of digital nomads from various parts of the world.

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