Avila Spaces: the Best Cowork in Lisbon

Avila Spaces: the Best Cowork in Lisbon

Just a year after winning the award for Best Cowork in Lisbon, Avila Spaces is still the most popular coworking space on coworker.com! A big thank you to each and every one of our community members for voting for us, and for helping us to make our space so special.

Awarded by coworker.com, the Coworker Members' Choice Awards are the only global coworking industry awards based on thousands of reviews and opinions from coworking space members around the world. Coworker.com is the world's largest coworking site and has over 100,000 users connected to coworking spaces in over 164 countries.

The award is only given to one coworking space in each city, based on the quantity and quality of member reviews during the past 12 months. For 2018 the best co-work in Lisbon, was Avila Spaces and we will continue to be one of the top coworking spaces in Portugal!

Now in our fifteenth year, we have over 500 clients, both from Portugal and abroad. Many of our international members, such as Gympass and Cabify, choose Avila Spaces as their coworking base in Lisbon. From startups to international corporations, our rich community is enriched from companies across the range of sectors, from STEM education to software development, to health and fitness and music.

Here are some of the words you've shared about your experiences at Avila Spaces. Thank you for all your love and support!

Avila Spaces Best Cowork Lisbon

Our community reviews Avila Spaces at the best cowork in Lisbon on coworker.com

"Avila Spaces is a calm and cool place with interesting and educated people Carlos the owner is the best guy in Lisbon He is interested in what you are doing and how you can evolve with your ideas Everything is where it should be, from the music to the cafe. I just love being there. "- Levy Gasparian, Founder of Mufyn (mufyn.pt).

"Avila Spaces provides just the right environment where one can be productive and even inspired by the look and feel of the space, its infrastructure, and the networking that is fostered by the Avila team.There is a sense of closeness, an attitude of camaraderie that is a valuable touch to our busy working lives. At Avila there is a sense of belonging that makes a difference. I think it nicely compensates for the fact that we are physically away from our company's office and colleagues, by making us feel at home here. "- Rodrigo Camargo, Global Marketing Director of AGP Group.

"Diversity, professionalism, friendship of the people and the decoration all make Avila Spaces special. Avila Spaces have given me the possibility of working in a very nice space that allows me to feel like home: comfortable, focus and surrounded by very nice people that Avila's team and people that work in the space. "- Olga Das Neves, Arnet Pharmaceutical.

We are extremely proud that Avila Spaces was awarded the Best Coworking Space in Lisbon, and we are delighted that Avila continues to be the top favourite coworks in Portugal!

Avila Spaces Best Cowork Lisbon

We truly care about each of our members and their projects, and provide them with personal experiences to make sure they are comfortable and happy. Avila Spaces is more than just a co-working office; we use tech, ergonomics and unique social events to invest in our community. Our remote workers love Avila's virtual offices and our new coworking business lounge.

We are so happy to enrich their work in such a meaningful way! 100% of our coworkers on coworker.com would recommend us! Overall, Avila Spaces received 5/5 stars across all categories: location, wifi, productive environment, workspace comfort, social & community and amenities. Check us out on coworker.com to see what others have said, or you can leave your own review for us too. We would love to hear your feedback. See you for a coffee in our coworking Business Lounge. It's the perfect place to work, relax, enjoy!

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