Best Coworking Space in Portugal at the South Europe Startup Awards 2019

Best Coworking Space in Portugal at the South Europe Startup Awards 2019

Avila Spaces won another award rounding off a memorable year. This time it was the 'Best Coworking Space' at the South Europe Startup Awards 2019 (SESA), which is part of the Global Startup Awards and aims to recognize the best organisations in the global startup ecosystem.

Avila Spaces was elected the best coworking space in Portugal by a jury made up of members of different nationalities along with a vote that took place online. A new round of online voting is underway, which will be opened until January 21st, as well as an evaluation, by another jury, to select the overall regional winner of Southern Europe.

Here, Avila Spaces will be face-to-face with the national winners of France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Spain; the best coworking space in Southern Europe will be unveiled at a ceremony which will be held in Turin (Italy) on February 28th. According to Carlos Gonçalves this may also be an opportunity to highlight the national innovation: "Portugal has a strong chance of winning, since it is at the leading edge of the new models of work organisation, particularly in the area of coworking, which has contributed strongly for the attraction of startups to the country."

"It has been a fantastic year and we are honoured to receive this third prize. This important international recognition gives us the motivation to handle the challenges we will face in 2020 and to strengthen our leadership in the innovation of workspaces in Portugal. We will do whatever we can to bring this award to the country", says Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Spaces.

It has been the year of recognition and innovation at Avila Spaces. In September, Avila Spaces was awarded, for the second consecutive year, the most international renowned prize in the coworking sector, the Coworker Members' Choice Award. In November, Avila was the first coworking space and office centre (physical and virtual) to receive the Great Place to Work Portugal certification, which distinguishes the best national SMEs’ environments.

This year too, in summer, Avila created a private social network, exclusive to its users, designed to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, where everyone has a profile and can contact, or be contacted to share and enhance the business, the Digital Kiosk

Carlos Gonçalves, CEO Avila Spaces

Carlos Gonçalves - CEO
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