Coworking spaces and the future of work

Coworking spaces and the future of work

Jobs and the labour market have undergone more change in the last decade than in the past 50 years. Beyond the internet of things, the future of work is now shaped by new technologies like automation and artificial intelligence. These are changing our entire approach to work. From how and where we work, to what work we do, and the skills we need to complete those jobs, the world of work today bears almost no resemblance to what it was a generation ago.

Our current economy has, and always will be, driven by technology. This impacts the future of jobs and work, which has ultimately evolved to models of coworking.

According to Forbes, the gig economy is estimated to be 43% in the USA alone by 2020, and the labour market continues to shift towards short-term contracts, freelancing and flexible working conditions, the latter of which extends beyond hours worked and now also includes place of work. All these changes in how we perceive ‘work’ is solely attributed to advances in the smart technology which is powering the gig economy.

Avila Spaces coworking office Lisbon

This freedom which inspires freelancers and independent workers is also the cause of anxiety due to uncertainty and change. As the gig economy expands its global stronghold, two main coping strategies which freelancers are cultivating are the connections to people and places. As cited by the Harvard Business Review, these are integral to human development in creating the critical ‘holding environments’ which are the best physical, social and psychological work spaces, free of stress, and where people can thrive. In these professional environments there is heightened surge in creativity, productivity and efficiency.

A huge consideration in these changing models of work then, is how do workplaces actually change?

Careers Wiki released a study this year that shows that 68% of people work remotely at least once in a month, globally. For this reason, more professionals are coming to expect a progressive approach to their working environment, seeing remote working and coworking spaces as a norm.  

Coworking spaces today provide unrivalled advantages, beyond just the shared costs of rent, cleaning and communications services. Avila Spaces alone has more than 500 clients and is part of an international network with over 300 locations. Recently awarded best cowork in Lisbon, we cater for this growing coworking demand through our new Business Lounge, where companies can grow sustainably and dynamically. We are the best cowork space in Lisbon because we address the independent workers’ needs for these holding environments, through both people and places.  

Avila Spaces coworking business lounge Lisbon

Fostering a buzzing and friendly community, our clients are able to make meaningful connections and network effectively via our social events and workshops. Our community is made up of freelancers, SMEs, startups as well as international companies (some are even key players within the gig economy sector), so these gatherings generate inspiration through shared knowledge and ideas. The spatial layout and stylish ergonomic decor of Avila Spaces also naturally lends itself to this free movement of people and ideas through its carefully placed, comfortable furniture, soft lighting and calming ambience. Avila Spaces coworking is defined by its commitment to quality and this is reflected in the space as a whole. In creating a workplace that workers can identify with, every detail of the physical space has been carefully considered and fits together like a jigsaw.

The word ‘office’ is falling into disuse. What people have today are workspaces, since many jobs simply require wifi, cloud-hosted apps and smart devices, from anywhere in the world.

From this new reality came Avila Spaces’ slogan: three words that best define our space and business concept: "Work (a place to work), Relax (you can take breaks, de-stress, and relax between meetings or in the middle of the day in the Business Lounge or on the Terrace), Enjoy (we invite people to enjoy the good moments in life with the events we organise, from workshops to parties).”

The millennials have come to teach us that our lives shouldn’t be all about work, so, in this office, we cross work with relaxation. We have to enjoy life.

As the market continues to swell with innovation and independence, the future of workplaces will shift and coworking spaces will increase and grow. Eventually we will see the economy be swallowed up by the gig economy. That’s where the future of work and workplaces is heading, and Avila Spaces will be at the helm of the industry yet again, pioneering the new, future of coworking in Lisbon.

Carlos Goncalves
CEO Avila Spaces

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