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What is a Coworking?

Among several recognized characteristics and positive idiosyncrasies of Portuguese people, and of Latin people in general, we can find a set of habits rooted in several generations that, fortunately, has been changing and has come much closer to the Anglo-Saxon culture. 

Some of these habits, which are often revealed both in the business world and in football Clubs, are, for example, the little respect for other people on a social level, the habit of competitiveness driven by individual recognition, the inherent resistance to sharing knowledge with others, and, consequently, the absence of the school factor in several sectors in which Portugal could be a world reference.

The wine sector is an example of this. Portugal has the best wines in the World, but we have never known how to work as a team to promote Portuguese wine like, for example, France, Italy or Chile and other countries do.

A few years ago, when the Japanese coast was ravaged by a tsunami, the Nikon factory was partially destroyed causing significant losses and forcing the production of a camera, which was strategic for the brand competitiveness, to come to a halt. Once this scenario became public, two companies, immediately provided their financial support: Canon and Pentax!

Fortunately, the new generations prefer to look forward over looking back to their ancestors. 

Today, Portugal is a country where working habits and models are much the same as the other European countries’ models and the American ones. Virtual offices multiply and coworking spaces are a reality, not only in terms of supply, but above all in terms of established habits. Portuguese and a great number of foreigners who live in Portugal are used to sharing not only the space and the costs of coworking spaces, but above all to sharing ideas, contacts and even the same refrigerator or the table at lunch time. 
Where people once used to work at home with remarkable productivity losses, for different and obvious reasons, people now work wherever they want and rely on an anchor space where they can change ideas, have discipline or set up a healthy routine. 

Be open and pay attention to the door since new opportunities enter through a coworking’s door every day.