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What is a Virtual Office?

We are, decisively and definitively, in an era where enjoyment of goods and services is more important than possession. Mindset change is a reality which began in the automobile sector, especially with the arrival of renting, Uber and Cabify platforms, which have contributed to its final status and now extending to other means of transport such as bicycles or scooters.

Young entrepreneurs and today’s entrepreneurs want enjoyment, but with all the facilities which were offered when the solution was property. They prefer mobility and freedom of movement and avoid long-term responsibilities. They want results based on variable costs to look at the break-even-point with a smile of those who only pay for what they consume or who invest to produce. Today, the rest is considered unnecessary. 

Therefore, when entrepreneurs have to choose between the lightness of a virtual office and the weight of a physical office, they don’t think twice, because they have already concluded that having a virtual office is the same as calling a Uber Black: enjoy a state-of-the-art car every day, not having to park it nor having more charges when you close its door, knowing that you can always call it and whenever you need it. And at the end of each month, be able to smile again when you make the calculations and confirm that you have saved, directly and indirectly.

As in any other field, a Virtual Office isn’t a solution tailored to everyone, because some may need a physical place to produce or store. However, it is ideal for those who value a concrete solution to real needs.  A Virtual Office is a physical space while the responsibility to pay its charges is virtual.