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Winston Churchill is Alive.

When Winston Churchill stated in 1943, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us," he probably would not imagine the relevance of his quote seventy-four years later.

Everyone agrees that we design and shape the spaces where we work and live.

What Churchill wished to convey is that workspaces - its environment, energy and the atmosphere created - have a great influence on the professionals.

If we compare an office enclosed between four walls, with artificial lighting and where architecture does not consider employee's well-being, opposed to a wide place, with green spaces, natural light and lounge areas, we have no doubts regarding the differences concerning the productivity of professionals.

Nowadays, managers, architects and interior designers plan buildings taking into account the different personalities of individuals and the different tasks in a particular context - the great challenge is to guarantee the cohabitation of extroverts and introverts; creative professionals and professionals who need to be more focused on their tasks. The combination of different workspaces in the same place seems to be the ideal solution.

The article 'Workspaces That Move People' of Harvard Business Review reflects perfectly these trends. On-site collaboration will always exist. However, workspace design will only become complete if it takes into account new communication technologies and digital collaboration. As well as workspaces shape generations of professionals, the same is true of technology, which creates new behaviors.

Modern Office Centers where, from Virtual Office or Coworking were born large Multinationals, are an excellent example of this trend. These are workspaces which focus on mobility, comfort and flexibility of use.

Winston Churchill reminded us that after 'creating the monster', he shapes and influences us: workspaces are today the guarantee of new behaviors, of a new culture and new professionals who increasingly value them.

Carlos Gonçalves
CEO Avila Spaces