1. Check-in e Safety & Wellbeing Advisor

1.01 – We ask our clients to sign a document describing positive social behaviours, hygiene practices and encouraging all users and employees to comply with these principles in the workspace. (12)

1.02 – Sanitizing hand dispenser at the entrance and in prominent places around the workplace - Alcoholic solution dispenser. (1)

1.03 – Paper individuals are available to be placed on your workstation. (5)

1.04 – Delivery of a disposable paper bag to store your mask when you are not using it, for example at mealtime. (14)

1.05 – Whenever you enter or leave the workspace, disinfect your hands with an alcoholic solution. (1)

1.06 – A collaborator from our team "Work Safe”, will always be present in our space and ready to guarantee your safety. Any surfaces exposed to touch need to be wiped and will be cleaned regularly. (6)

1.07 – The security policy as well as the identification (phone number and email: worksafe@avilaspaces.com) of the team "Work Safe” are displayed at the reception. (4)

1.08 – Door sensors, no need to touch. (5)

1.09 – The doors at the workspace include a metallic "pedal” placed at the bottom. No need to use the hands. (12)

1.10 – Face masks (recommended by European standard FFP2 / FFP3 and American standard KN95) (1) are available and its use is mandatory when they visit us. 

This Manual is meant to be a Guide of Good Practices based on  the recommendations from the following sources: 

(1) DGS – Direção Geral de Saúde


(5) Cushman & Wakefield

(6) Diversey, Inc.

(12) Marta Sotto-Mayor, Formadora & Consultora - Hospitality & Tourism

(14) Consulting 2gether