3. Air Renewal /HVAC

3.01 – We privilege air flow and natural ventilation whenever possible. (9)

3.02 – We suggest using our patio to hold fewer formal meetings in closed rooms. (9)

3.03 – The space is ventilated at least twice a day, for example, at lunchtime and at night, renewing the air flow. (9)

3.04 – We schedule meetings with the appropriate time and open windows to make sure the space is well ventilated. Approximately 60 minutes between meetings. (8; 9)

3.05 – The external coils of both the air conditioning and the internal evaporator are also cleaned with a disinfectant product. (9)

3.06 – We reinforce the inspection of drain trays, drains obstructions. All AC filters are also inspected, cleaned and replaced. (9)

3.07 – We maintain an optional 40-60% humidity range to reduce the spread of the virus. (15)

3.08 – We use mechanical ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, which provide ventilation, while improving the quality of outdoor air through a filtration process. (9)

3.9 – Interventions for AC appliances: (9)

- Increase the air flow.
- Force the registers to introduce only exterior air.
- Deactivate the recovery units or force your "by-pass”.
- Keep the relative humidity above 40%.
- Put the ventilation in continuous operation (24h).

This Manual is meant to be a Guide of Good Practices based on  the recommendations from the following sources: 

(8) Oshwiki

(9) Apirac