4. Spatial Distancing from Desks

4.01 – Acrylic separators were placed on the lounge desks to promote social distancing. (5)

4.02 – The acrylic separators guarantee the light and the necessary visibility of all. (5)

4.03 – We strongly recommend that people are at least 2 metres apart (indoors) and at least 1 metre apart (outdoors). (1; 4)

4.04 – Limiting direct contact between workers and promoting the "side-by-side” or "back-to-back”, over the "face-to-face” work. (1)

4.05 – Cleaning and maintenance routine whenever a customer leaves the common space. (5)

4.06 – We advise users to keep their personal objects in the lockers. (15)

This Manual is meant to be a Guide of Good Practices based on  the recommendations from the following sources: 

(1) DGS – Direção Geral de Saúde


(5) Cushman & Wakefield

(15) Savills