5. Meeting Rooms

5.01 – The meeting rooms’ capacity has been scaled down. The new capacity is posted on the door of each room. (1; 4)

5.02 – Pre-schedule meeting rooms so that fewer people attend the meeting. (5)

5.03 – Air conditioning remotes, projectors, etc., are at the reception. Whenever necessary, request them to the receptionist who will promptly carry and handle them to avoid being touched by several people. (5)

5.04 – After each use, the remotes will be disinfected. (6)

5.05 – Use an individual paper on the conference table. When the meeting is over, ensure the waste is disposed of safely in the recycling bin. (8)

5.06 – At the end of each meeting, our team "Work Safe” will sanitize the room and will increase the air flow inside, so that it can be used again safely. (4)

5.07 – When possible, choose a teleconference or an online meeting to avoid face-to-face contact. (5)

This Manual is meant to be a Guide of Good Practices based on  the recommendations from the following sources: 

(1) DGS – Direção Geral de Saúde


(5) Cushman & Wakefield

(6) Diversey, Inc.

(8) Oshwiki