Physical office versus virtual office

Physical office versus virtual office

Well after the creation of virtual workspaces, there are additional conclusions that can be confirmed by reality: the physical offices will not disappear, because they are essential and make sense in key sectors; but the virtual office, as an alternative or as a diversification of the advantages of the former, will always exist - as we can see in this infographic – and they are becoming increasingly better.

Words like rationalization of costs, versatility, mobility and, therefore, business flexibility are clearly the key words in many sectors of the new economy. Businesses must be light just like a nomad’s backpack of the modern era, because the speed of events is so fast that in clinging an anchor to one’s foot, such as a physical office, at a time when fast mobility is one of the key business requirements, can be "the artist’s death”, or in other words the end of a business.

If there were any doubts, this infographic can help us eliminate them.

Find out the differences.


On the one hand, if we choose a physical office there is a traditional need to conclude a lease, at least for several months, with high rental charges. On the other, in a virtual office we can find flexibility, as we enjoy the use of meeting rooms and/or offices 'per hour’ or 'per day ', and we only pay the time and space used at that time.


While a physical office always requires not only the initial investment to make it operational and inviting, but also the allocation of human and physical resources, as well as other services such as water, light, Internet…; in a virtual office all this can be found in the same package, and users can have an office located in a premium area without any initial investment and benefit from all the resources and facilities of a physical office.

Administrative Services

Any entrepreneur realises how much it costs to hire and how difficult it is to train and organise a company's administrative department. Experienced resources are quite expensive. And new resources cost time and money. Something you don't have to worry about, since a virtual office already offers customised phone services and mail management. Moreover, the price of these services is already included in the monthly fee.


Those who own a physical office are increasingly concerned with the cost-effectiveness rather than the yield. Despite understanding that there are times when work or a meeting should ideally take place where it is more logical, they need to justify the cost. So, these meetings end up taking place in a physical office. Those who use a virtual office already have some difficulties in understanding this reality, since they are used to working anywhere, knowing that, from there, they are able to contact an office team, but only when there is a subject that should be discussed with them. Therefore, as if by magic, the beach or a balcony can be legitimately the most productive places on the planet.

For all these reasons and according to several international studies, it is not difficult to understand why a virtual office allows effective savings between 70 to 90%. These studies explain why many companies of all sizes are increasingly pursuing the virtual office; because it provides flexibility and mobility to all its professionals, thus their happiness and productivity.

As if this were not enough, a virtual office allows the upgrade (as well as the downgrade) to coworking spaces, or even to a physical office in the same place where, previously, it had only virtual use, and according to the occasional growth needs.

The office is virtual, however the reasons for choosing it, are of course all real.

Carlos Gonçalves - CEO
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