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4 reasons why I chose a coworking space.

Earlier this year I found myself at a crossroads. An invitation to join a new project has given a new direction to a new year.
With this invitation, I could choose to work from home or join a coworking space. Being used to the first scenario, I decided to continue to work from home, visiting the coworking space only for occasional debriefings. After 2 weeks I started to realize the advantages of coworking and in less than one month I had fallen in love with this new working model.

New Daily Routines 

Working with the fridge nearby and the sofa just a few steps away can be a risk. Becoming aware of new daily routines is an important step for personal and professional success. Working from home brings us little luxuries that can negatively impact our levels of motivation, satisfaction and inspiration. Having a routine to leave the house, have my morning coffee in the lounge area of the coworking space, where I can catch up on small emails and socialize since the early hours of the day, began to make all the difference!

Working in a cosy atmosphere

My visits to the coworking space soon became more frequent. I got to know a new collaborative working model where I feel comfortable and welcome! These spaces are cosy and I am received with professionalism but also with informality. Apart from having my own desk always available and with the latest technology, I have phone booths for my Skype sessions and a lounge area with a pantry for relaxing moments. In other words, I am not at home, but I feel at home!


Another great advantage of coworking is the possibility of making my project known, by organizing free workshops for other coworkers or attending networking events. These are precious moments that allow me to stay up-to-date, to develop my network and establish unlikely partnerships. Innovative ideas are often born in small conversations around the coffee machine or during a midmorning break!

Easy Access

Have you ever thought about how your stress levels can be caused by traffic? There’s nothing better than working in central areas with easy access to public transport, which can also take you to plenty of other locations. For professionals whose responsibilities imply daily and often unexpected commuting, coworking is definitely the perfect choice.

After 6 months, I can only find advantages in coworking. And I have no doubt that I feel more productive and happy in this new workplace.

Maria Gonçalves
Sociologist and Freelancer Consultant